Diet For A Better Complexion

by jeff on December 12, 2011

You are what you eat. That is the saying that we normally hear when we go to a health specialist giving a seminar on healthy foods. There are many kinds of foods that are presented for you to eat and nourish yourself. There are only two kinds of foods, healthy and unhealthy foods. There is no food category in between and it is really up to you to choose to eat unhealthy foods.

If you are a woman then it is understandable that your first concern would be your skin. You would want your skin to be healthy and glowing from within. But, we are living in a world where we are bombarded in every aspect of our lives by the effects of aging, stress, pollution and eating on-the-go. There is also the heat of the summer that can suck the moisture out from our skin. These harsh environments can make us believe that we can no more have radiant skin but don’t lose hope.

We can still fight the harsh environments by battling from within us. Our skin is our protection from the outside environments and it will get its strength from the food that we eat every day. So, for us to help our skin combat these bacteria we need to eat foods that can nourish us. Nourishing our skin from inside out can vividly improve our skin complexion in as early as three weeks.

We should eat foods that will make our skin youthful again. This will include eating seasonal, “real” local foods that does not contain preservatives, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, eliminating the sodas and alcohol intake, exercising regularly, and stocking up on foods that are rich in Vitamin A. For us to combat the signs of aging we should eat acerola cherry. This contains 100% of our daily Vitamin C quota and will protect us against cell oxidation. We should also eat dark colored vegetables that can speed up the cellular turnover. Foods that are high in zinc can help fight sagging skin by increasing its elasticity and renewing the skin.

We should eat foods that fight the harsh environment. Eating the right foods can help us combat the danger given by the sun. Drinking green tea can help us block UV rays and protect our skin. Fresh fruits like watermelon, orange, mangoes can help us restore our skin. Eating mushrooms will also help us repair our damaged tissue after suffering from burn.

We should also eat foods that radiate. Fresh berries will change your dull skin with color and brightness. Berries has high concentration of antioxidants, Vitamin C and the rare fatty acid Omega-7 that can nourish the skin, hair, and help stimulate collagen production. This can also help fight obesity. You should also eat foods that boost skin’s moisture like olive oil, walnuts, and fatty fish like salmon.

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