How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

by jeff on December 14, 2011

Hyperpigmentation is not good to look at especially when you want to have a clear and even skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can occur because of some factors. These factors can include things that are beyond our control and things that we can prevent to happen. The best treatment for this kind of skin condition would be preventative treatment. If we know the reason why we have hyperpigmentation then we will know how to stop and eliminate it.

The amount of melanin in your body will eventually determine the amount of pigment that your body can deposit in your skin. Since these pigments act as a protection from harmful sun rays then staying out of the sun will prevent the deposition of melanin in our skin. So, in order for your to avoid direct damage to the sun, you should put your sun block.

Another way to treat hyperpigmentation is to improve our chemical treatments or bleaching creams. Most manufacturers use Hydroquinone as one of their ingredients in their cream because this is the most effective bleaching cream. This chemical has potential health side effects but users don’t mind it very much because of the effectiveness of it as bleaching. Doctors recommend that this bleaching cream should be used at 2% to 4% concentration in order to treat hyperpigmentation.

Different creams will have different bleaching ingredients. So, if you think that mixing different creams together will increase its effectivity then you are wrong. You should never combine bleaching creams together even if there is a possibility that its effectiveness will increase. There are some countries that combine hydroquinone with other bleaching agents such as mercury iodine and glucocorticoids. These combinations of creams will increase its effectiveness in eliminating hyperpigmented spots but the health risks would outweigh the benefits. There are numerous reported users who have cancer because of using such combination of creams.

When you used these creams but they did not effectively erase the hyperpigmented spots then you can always consult your dermatologist. If there are creams that they gave, then you should ask for the possible side effects of using that chemical. There are also other dermatologists who will give you natural creams that will help reduce pigmented spots which are much safer than chemical bleaching creams but are less effective. The most common herbal treatments for hyperpigmentation would be Bearberry Extract, Licorice, and Mulberry Extract. These herbs contain the chemical Alpha Arbutin which will help the control of pigmentation by reducing the production of melanin in the body.

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