What is Hyperpigmentation

by jeff on December 14, 2011

One of the conditions that our skin will experience would be hyperpigmentation. This is harmless but it would make our skin bad to look at because of the darker color patches that will be appearing in our skin. When melanin is in excess then brown pigment will deposit in our skin. Different people will experience this kind of condition in the skin.

A common form for hyperpigmentation would be age or “liver” spots. They usually occur when you have too much exposure to the sun. The sun have UV rays that can damage your skin, thus melanin will be produced in order to counter the UV rays of e sun. When these spots occur due to sun damage they are referred to by professionals as solar lentigines. These spots (darkened patches) are usually found on face, hands, or other areas that are usually exposed to the sun.

There are also other spots that will occur in our skin and they are called Melasma or Chloasma spots. These spots will occur not because of the sun but because of hormonal changes. Like for example when a woman is pregnant, there is overproduction of melanin that will cause the face and abdominal areas to be darkened. These are commonly called as “mask of pregnancy”. Women who take birth control pills can also develop hyperpigmentation because their body will undergo changes similar to hormonal change. When you develop spots because of these pills then you should stop taking it.

When there are changes in your skin color then the causes could be from the outside and not from the inside of the body. Like for example, skin diseases like acne can give you dark spots after the condition clears. You can also have dark spots when you have injuries to the skin, which would include some surgeries. There are also inherited dark spots which includes freckles. Freckles are small brown spots that usually appear in face and arms.

When you have this kind of skin darkening, you should be careful because too much exposure to the sun can lead to darkening of these spots. This is because the melanin in our body absorbs the energy of the sun’s UV rays in order to protect the skin from being damaged. The usual result of this would be skin tanning. You can put sunscreen in order to minimize the production of melanin. When choosing your sunscreen, you should choose something that has a “broad spectrum” (it will block both UVA and UVB). When you over expose your skin to the sun then you are just eliminating the effect of your skin treatment for a month.

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